Namid: Star Dancer



The size is 48” x 36”. The materials include oil paint, pencil, watercolor and gold-leaf on cradled wood panel. The painting features a Tulsa skyline and a woman holding the earth with well-known Native American silhouettes.



Marjorie Atwood is a contemporary artist with two decades of painting and exhibition experience. Atwood is fascinated by the technical aspects of different art media, and in each exhibition, probes various methods and materials. Her various exhibitions, which have been shown in six states, each explore a theme or experience. She finds tension in juxtaposing smooth, polished elements with corroded distressed elements.



“My Mayfest poster is titled ‘Namid,’ which means Star Dancer. This is an exciting time to be living in Tulsa, with its dynamic growth of the arts and technology. And while our community is experiencing a whirlwind of change and development, we also possess a heritage that is easily overlooked in our forward: that of the first Americans. The first Americans have a connection to the earth and nature, a respect and reverence for the planet and the gifts that it bestows on us. By including silhouettes of well-loved sculptures of Native Americans, I hope to remind us of the value and beauty of a belief system that can make our world a more sustainable one. The colors in the skyline show fluid growth and optimism for the future, a golden horizon. ‘Namid’ reminds us to look forward with hope, but also to cherish our roots.”