Mayfest offers a great combination of indoor and outdoor art exhibits showcasing over 100 artists.

     Visual Artist applications are NOW AVAILABLE at Zapplication

Outside Exhibits

Mayfest has dozens of booths showcasing Juried Artists from across the country picked for demonstrating some of the finest works of their specialty. You can view their works, and even take some home! Mayfest also features a Market Artist section with a fine selection of handmade goods from the area’s finest craftsmen. See the complete list of exhibitors below.

Indoor Galleries

Mayfest’s Invitational Gallery showcases art from over 100 of Tulsa’s finest artists in oil, metal, photography, and many other specialties. Every item in the invitational gallery is also available for sale. The Invitational Gallery is also where you can see the annual official Mayfest poster art. The Invitational Gallery will be open Thursday 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Friday 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., Saturday 11:00 a.m. -6:00 p.m., Sunday 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. and is sponsored by Williams Center Towers I & II and The Gelvin Foundation. If you would like to meet some of these great local artists displaying in the Invitational Gallery, many of them will be volunteering during the festival.

Come meet the artist in our Invitational Gallery at the following times:
11-12 Nick Koutoupis & Karen Lamb
12-1 Dave Muller & Mikey Coy
1-2 Dave Muller & Gary Hale
2-3 Beth Burgess & Paul Bevilacqua
3-4 Jan McKay
4-5 Nancy Harkins
5-6 Kristal Tomshany

11-12 Anne Spoon
1-2 Marjorie Atwood
2-3 Doug Bauer
6-8 Maurice Clyma

11-12 Kathy Seliday
1-3 Sara Wofford
2-3 Beth Burgess & Paul Bevilacqua
3-4 Paul King
4-5 Dean Wyatt
5-6 Carlene Wall

11-12 John and Carla Hammer
12-1 Joey Frisillo
1-2 Claudia Doyle & Jordy Ellison

Every year, Mayfest’s Youth Art Gallery displays a wide variety of art from the younger generations with awards for the best budding artists. The Youth Art Gallery this year will be adjacent to the invitational gallery, and will be open Thursday-Saturday 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Visual Artists (Outdoor Exhibitors)
Click below to view the artist by Name, Booth or Discipline
Artists by Last Name
Name Discipline Booth Num
Adams, Charles Metal U
Adams, Harold Wood 87
Aden, Margaret Jewelry 7
Allen, Chester Jewelry 59
Anderson, Cort Photography 89
Anderson, David Lee Painting 5
Armulowicz, Ted Wood 23
Asuit, Jake Metal 88
Bassett, Cathryn Jewelry 27
Bauer, B. Eugene Photography 21
Beachler, Jim Wood S
Beebower, Hugh Photography 77
Boone, Steven Painting 30
Bradford, C.J. Drawing/Pastel 19
Bramblitt, John Painting 70
Bratton, Ed Metal 60
Brawley, Deborah Leather/Fiber 66
Brewster, Steve Glass 42
Brin, Nicole Metal 71
Brockman, Larry & Rebbecca Leather/Fiber 61
Byrd, April Mixed Media 45
Byrne, Kevin Clay 20
Clement, Al Clay 40
Cohen, Daryl Glass 73
Coller Jewett, Bob Digital Media 51
Conner, Dennis Metal 33
Cornwell, Suzanne Jewelry 48
Crawford, David Leather/Fiber T
Culevski, Niko Leather/Fiber 9
Cusick, Debb Glass 64
Decker, Kirk Photography 50
Disney, Roger Painting 54
Doherty, Christopher Photography 67
Dorris, Eric Painting 26
Duerksen, Jeff Graphics/Printmaking 4
Echols, Dana Photography 47
Elkin, Rick Jewelry 2
Evenson, Karrie Painting N
Feeley, Becky Leather/Fiber 75
Fields, Kathy Jewelry R
Finerman, Dan Wood Q
Frost, Brandee Metal 1
Fulks, Douglas Drawing/Pastel 32
Grant, Anthony Painting 3
Hartsock, Christine Jewelry 52
Ingersoll, Liz Photography G
Jimenez, Mark Jewelry 11
Johnston, Jerron Drawing/Pastel 82
Jones, George Painting 44
Junge, Laura Mixed Media 62
Kennington, John Photography W
Kraus, Kent Clay 65
Larkin, Mark Harrell Metal 57
Lathrop, Greg Clay 85
Leiblein, Thomas Metal 34
Lewis, Holt Wood 69
Lorber, Randi Digital Media 13
Lorenz, Richard (Rick) Digital Media O
Love, Vicki Leather/Fiber 18
Mallia, Mark Wood 35
McDonald, John Glass 84
McLaughlin, Bear Mixed Media E
Meadows, Steven Mixed Media 43
Miller, Callie Jewelry 17
Miller, Judith Clay 31
Mitchell, Duly Clay 80
Mofhitz, James Wood M
Morgan, Chris Mixed Media X
Mort, Eric Glass 36
Moseley, Carlos Mixed Media 49
Napier, Randal Photography 41
Nothhouse, Gretchyn Clay H
Ovtcharov, Daniela Painting 78
Ovtcharov, Vladimir Painting 79
Patterson, Derek Painting Y
Pfeifer, Christopher Painting D
Piper, Dave Leather/Fiber 55
Poon, Tai Painting 56
Quiglino, Andy Painting 58
Reed, Christian Leather/Fiber B
Reithmeier, Barry Digital Media 74
Rice, Charles Jewelry 37
Rice, Jamie Mixed Media J
Robbins, Dale Wood 46
Robinson, Jodi Jewelry L
Rohr, Edward Wood 10
Rowley, Gary Jewelry BB
Samuels, Joshua Jewelry 83
Seemayer, Jeff Leather/Fiber 25
Shelton, Donald Mixed Media 22
Siegel Keith, Nickie Clay 8
Skinner, Brent Clay 15
Smith, Stephen Painting 76
Song, Jinsheng Painting 86
Spangler, Randal Drawing/Pastel 14
St Romain, Jeffrey Mixed Media 24
Switzer, David Leather/Fiber 29
Tate, David Glass 39
Tekeli, Emre Jewelry V
Thatcher, Connie Jewelry I
Thompson, Dennis Clay Z
Thompson, Jon Clay AA
Tinnell, Leonard Glass 28
Togel, Conni Painting A
Tong, Linda Mixed Media 38
Tran, Don Mixed Media 16
Ulm, Holly Jewelry 68
Unzicker, Tom Clay 53
Vest, Darrell Painting 81
Vogt, Anne Jewelry 72
Wade, Sally Jewelry 63
Walter, Bob Mixed Media 6
Willis, Tina Photography P
Wolf, Ginny Jewelry C
Artists by Booth Number
Booth Num Name Discipline
1 Brandee Frost Metal
2 Rick Elkin Jewelry
3 Anthony Grant Painting
4 Jeff Duerksen Graphics/Printmaking
5 David Lee Anderson Painting
6 Bob Walter Mixed Media
7 Margaret Aden Jewelry
8 Nickie Siegel Keith Clay
9 Niko Culevski Leather/Fiber
10 Edward Rohr Wood
11 Mark Jimenez Jewelry
13 Randi Lorber Digital Media
14 Randal Spangler Drawing/Pastel
15 Brent Skinner Clay
16 Don Tran Mixed Media
17 Callie Miller Jewelry
18 Vicki Love Leather/Fiber
19 C.J. Bradford Drawing/Pastel
20 Kevin Byrne Clay
21 B. Eugene Bauer Photography
22 Donald Shelton Mixed Media
23 Ted Armulowicz Wood
24 Jeffrey St Romain Mixed Media
25 Jeff Seemayer Leather/Fiber
26 Eric Dorris Painting
27 Cathryn Bassett Jewelry
28 Leonard Tinnell Glass
29 David Switzer Leather/Fiber
30 Steven Boone Painting
31 Judith Miller Clay
32 Douglas Fulks Drawing/Pastel
33 Dennis Conner Metal
34 Thomas Leiblein Metal
35 Mark Mallia Wood
36 Eric Mort Glass
37 Charles Rice Jewelry
38 Linda Tong Mixed Media
39 David Tate Glass
40 Al Clement Clay
41 Randal Napier Photography
42 Steve Brewster Glass
43 Steven Meadows Mixed Media
44 George Jones Painting
45 April Byrd Mixed Media
46 Dale Robbins Wood
47 Dana Echols Photography
48 Suzanne Cornwell Jewelry
49 Carlos Moseley Mixed Media
50 Kirk Decker Photography
51 Bob Coller Jewett Digital Media
52 Christine Hartsock Jewelry
53 Tom Unzicker Clay
54 Roger Disney Painting
55 Dave Piper Leather/Fiber
56 Tai Poon Painting
57 Mark Harrell Larkin Metal
58 Laura Junge Mixed Media
59 Chester Allen Jewelry
60 Andy Quiglino Painting
61 Larry & Rebbecca Brockman Leather/Fiber
62 Ed Bratton Metal
63 Sally Wade Jewelry
64 Debb Cusick Glass
65 Kent Kraus Clay
66 Deborah Brawley Leather/Fiber
67 Christopher Doherty Photography
68 Holly Ulm Jewelry
69 Holt Lewis Wood
70 John Bramblitt Painting
71 Nicole Brin Metal
72 Anne Vogt Jewelry
73 Daryl Cohen Glass
74 Barry Reithmeier Digital Media
75 Becky Feeley Leather/Fiber
76 Stephen Smith Painting
77 Hugh Beebower Photography
78 Daniela Ovtcharov Painting
79 Vladimir Ovtcharov Painting
80 Duly Mitchell Clay
81 Darrell Vest Painting
82 Jerron Johnston Drawing/Pastel
83 Joshua Samuels Jewelry
84 John McDonald Glass
85 Greg Lathrop Clay
86 Jinsheng Song Painting
87 Harold Adams Wood
88 Jake Asuit Metal
89 Cort Anderson Photography
A Conni Togel Painting
AA Jon Thompson Clay
B Christian Reed Leather/Fiber
BB Gary Rowley Jewelry
C Ginny Wolf Jewelry
D Christopher Pfeifer Painting
E Bear McLaughlin Mixed Media
G Liz Ingersoll Photography
H Gretchyn Nothhouse Clay
I Connie Thatcher Jewelry
J Jamie Rice Mixed Media
L Jodi Robinson Jewelry
M James Mofhitz Wood
N Karrie Evenson Painting
O Richard (Rick) Lorenz Digital Media
P Tina Willis Photography
Q Dan Finerman Wood
R Kathy Fields Jewelry
S Jim Beachler Wood
T David Crawford Leather/Fiber
U Charles Adams Metal
V Emre Tekeli Jewelry
W John Kennington Photography
X Chris Morgan Mixed Media
Y Derek Patterson Painting
Z Dennis Thompson Clay
Artists by Discipline
Discipline Name Booth Num
Clay Nickie Siegel Keith 8
Clay Brent Skinner 15
Clay Kevin Byrne 20
Clay Judith Miller 31
Clay Al Clement 40
Clay Tom Unzicker 53
Clay Kent Kraus 65
Clay Duly Mitchell 80
Clay Greg Lathrop 85
Clay Jon Thompson AA
Clay Gretchyn Nothhouse H
Clay Dennis Thompson Z
Digital Media Randi Lorber 13
Digital Media Bob Coller Jewett 51
Digital Media Barry Reithmeier 74
Digital Media Richard (Rick) Lorenz O
Drawing/Pastel Randal Spangler 14
Drawing/Pastel C.J. Bradford 19
Drawing/Pastel Douglas Fulks 32
Drawing/Pastel Jerron Johnston 82
Glass Leonard Tinnell 28
Glass Eric Mort 36
Glass David Tate 39
Glass Steve Brewster 42
Glass Debb Cusick 64
Glass Daryl Cohen 73
Glass John McDonald 84
Graphics/Printmaking Jeff Duerksen 4
Jewelry Rick Elkin 2
Jewelry Margaret Aden 7
Jewelry Mark Jimenez 11
Jewelry Callie Miller 17
Jewelry Cathryn Bassett 27
Jewelry Charles Rice 37
Jewelry Suzanne Cornwell 48
Jewelry Christine Hartsock 52
Jewelry Chester Allen 59
Jewelry Sally Wade 63
Jewelry Holly Ulm 68
Jewelry Anne Vogt 72
Jewelry Joshua Samuels 83
Jewelry Gary Rowley BB
Jewelry Ginny Wolf C
Jewelry Connie Thatcher I
Jewelry Jodi Robinson L
Jewelry Kathy Fields R
Jewelry Emre Tekeli V
Leather/Fiber Niko Culevski 9
Leather/Fiber Vicki Love 18
Leather/Fiber Jeff Seemayer 25
Leather/Fiber David Switzer 29
Leather/Fiber Dave Piper 55
Leather/Fiber Larry & Rebbecca Brockman 61
Leather/Fiber Deborah Brawley 66
Leather/Fiber Becky Feeley 75
Leather/Fiber Christian Reed B
Leather/Fiber David Crawford T
Metal Brandee Frost 1
Metal Dennis Conner 33
Metal Thomas Leiblein 34
Metal Mark Harrell Larkin 57
Metal Ed Bratton 62
Metal Nicole Brin 71
Metal Jake Asuit 88
Metal Charles Adams U
Mixed Media Bob Walter 6
Mixed Media Don Tran 16
Mixed Media Donald Shelton 22
Mixed Media Jeffrey St Romain 24
Mixed Media Linda Tong 38
Mixed Media Steven Meadows 43
Mixed Media April Byrd 45
Mixed Media Carlos Moseley 49
Mixed Media Laura Junge 58
Mixed Media Bear McLaughlin E
Mixed Media Jamie Rice J
Mixed Media Chris Morgan X
Painting Anthony Grant 3
Painting David Lee Anderson 5
Painting Eric Dorris 26
Painting Steven Boone 30
Painting George Jones 44
Painting Roger Disney 54
Painting Tai Poon 56
Painting Andy Quiglino 60
Painting John Bramblitt 70
Painting Stephen Smith 76
Painting Daniela Ovtcharov 78
Painting Vladimir Ovtcharov 79
Painting Darrell Vest 81
Painting Jinsheng Song 86
Painting Conni Togel A
Painting Christopher Pfeifer D
Painting Karrie Evenson N
Painting Derek Patterson Y
Photography B. Eugene Bauer 21
Photography Randal Napier 41
Photography Dana Echols 47
Photography Kirk Decker 50
Photography Christopher Doherty 67
Photography Hugh Beebower 77
Photography Cort Anderson 89
Photography Liz Ingersoll G
Photography Tina Willis P
Photography John Kennington W
Wood Edward Rohr 10
Wood Ted Armulowicz 23
Wood Mark Mallia 35
Wood Dale Robbins 46
Wood Holt Lewis 69
Wood Harold Adams 87
Wood James Mofhitz M
Wood Dan Finerman Q
Wood Jim Beachler S