Mayfest Treasure Hunt: MAYQUEST


You could win the Grand Prize, $2,500 Cash from The Rowland Group!

Other prizes include Mayfest souvenirs, restaurant gift cards and  even gets concert tickets!


Watch Six in the Morning on KOTV Channel 6 (Cox Channel 1006) daily, starting May 11th, for that day’s clue! Each day they will announce today;s clue as well as the previous day’s secret location. New in 2015: There are two ways to win;

If you are the first person to decode the daily clue and find the secret location, you will win a Mayfest Prize Pack!  Each of these secret locations help you find the final location, worth $2,500 in cash to the first person to find it!

New in 2015: If you cannot hunt in person, you can also participate online! The first correct online submission will win a great prize as well. Whether hunting in-person or online, sign up at The Rowland Group’s Mayquest Page.

Ready to hunt for $2,500? Here’s what you might need:

  • Register to win on The Rowland Group’s Mayquest Page.
  • Cell phone – Winners will need to call or text a secret number to claim their prize.
  • Map or GPS – Needed to decode the final clue!
  • A good knowledge of the Tulsa area and its landmarks
  • A Facebook account – if no-one finds the location quickly, clues will posted to the Mayfest and Rowland Group Facebook pages.
  • Facebook and Twitter will also allow you to watch for real-time contest updates!


2015 Clues and Secret Locations

Take a bite,
it’s not real
look for one thing
find ’53 steel.
Answer: Golden Driller, Tulsa Fairgrounds (is made out of steel, not gold. Built in 1953)

Your prayer in the morning,
gets shade in the evening,
Back where it all started
the fire is long departed
Answer: Statue called Morning Prayer sits to the east of the Council Oak Tree in Council Oak Park.

Go back in time,
see a gold win bronze
Now go back 105,
see this bronze win gold
Answer: Appeal to the Great Spirit, statue at woodward park. (original casting won a bronze in Paris in 1909. 105 years later Gracie Gold won a Bronze in the Sochi Olympics.)

Back when the gipper was elected
In the same year, this was erected.
On the move, with the mannequin
Open wide, it never can again.
Answer: The Praying Hands, which were built in 1980 and moved in 1991, the same release date as Mannequin 2: On The Move

Like the others, this one looks
Quest is over, close the books
oil and rider and a horse
north and south is not their course
Answer: The final prize was located next to oil barrel in a wagon being pulled by a horse as part of “East Meets West”, a sculpture in Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza at Southwest Boulevard at Riverside Drive in Tulsa. (All the previous locations were statues, and mostly bronze. East and West were referenced, as were fire, oil and a horse.)

All destination locations will be in publicly accessible location within reach without a ladder or special equipment. Participants will not be required to perform any treacherous or illegal activities to win. Tulsa International Mayfest, The Rowland Group and News on 6 are not liable or responsible for the results of any contestants actions. By participating, you agree to hold harmless any actual or potential prize locations. Employees and families of Tulsa International Mayfest, Newport Television and The Rowland Group are ineligible to win. New in 2015: Former prize winners and their families are ineligible to win. Contest ends May 15th, 2015. A winner of the $2,500 grand prize, provided by The Rowland Group is guaranteed. Each daily Mayfest prize pack is only available for 24 hours after it’s clue is broadcast on the News On 6, after which time that prize is void.