Matthew Moffett is a self-taught artist who paints for the love of painting. Moffett started to paint when one of his dogs died of a sudden aneurism and he wanted to commemorate his companion.  Moffett started painting pet portraits at the age of 25, with no former training or experience.  To date, Moffett has painted more than 1,200 pet portraits all over the United States and in several foreign countries.  Moffett has been painting and showing his art for 16 years, and has branched out to painting landscapes and cityscapes along with the pet portraits.  His work can be viewed on his website or at his studio, M² Studio in Tulsa, Okla.


Moffett was an art elementary teacher for Tulsa Public School’s Eugene Field Elementary School as well as Zarrow.  Moffett now is the director/co-founder of a dynamic, non-profit after school art program in Tulsa, Okla., called “The Tulsa Girls Art School Project” (TGAS.)  The mission of TGAS is providing quality visual arts training to underserved elementary girls in the urban Tulsa area.  TGAS is starting its eighth year and has helped elementary aged girls achieve their dreams of becoming visual artists.  See the project at


“I am so excited to see Tulsa bloom and grow, especially the downtown area.  It’s exciting to be apart of the growth and development of Tulsa and to put ideas into place for future generations to enjoy. We are on the cusp of becoming a big city, and I love to capture the joy of Tulsa in my paintings.  I love to use bold colors and hope that people walk away from viewing my artwork with a smile on their face.  Life can be tough enough with its challenges…I want my art to inspire people and make them happy.”


“I like to paint a peek into the dog’s secret life…things they do when the owners are not around.  I always have these daydreams about what my dogs do all day long, while I am working…and I try to capture this on canvas.”