Frequently Asked Questions


When is Mayfest?

Mayfest occurs annually on the 3rd weekend in May and kicks off what is considered “Festival Season” in Tulsa. That means you can come join us May 18-21 in 2017, May 17-20 in 2018 and May 16-19 in 2019.


Why do you have tickets?

If you buy something with a ticket, a small portion of that sale goes back to Mayfest to help pay for the event. The ticket system provides the most fair and accurate way to account for those transactions and make sure all parties are paid what they are owed.


Can I rent a booth?

The primary purpose of Mayfest is to bring art and artists to Tulsa so the majority of our space is reserved for artists and exhibits. We add stages, sponsors and a sprinkling of concessions to the mix and we just don’t have room for individuals to rent booth space


How much does it cost?

All galleries, music, and activities at our festival are free to the public thanks to our sponsors. We do have many kinds of food, beverages and art for sale.


Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed, so long as they bring their responsible owners who are mindful of local ordinances and courteous to others.


What if it rains?

A large number of the performers and artists who come to Mayfest are traveling and have busy summers, so we cannot reschedule. The festival will generally stay open during mild inclement weather, but if the weather turns severe we will close as needed for safety.

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