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Thanks To Our In-Kind Sponsors:

Thanks to our Friends of Mayfest

  • Nick and Corrie Karlovich
  • Bruce Smith
  • Arvest Private Banking
  • Sue and Dennis Bunday
  • Tulsa Regional Chamber
  • Tim and Christa Rogers
  • Shane and Fran Bevel
  • Billy’s on the Square
  • Ken Busby
  • Clint and Anne Darnell Gillingham
  • Deco District
  • The Hawley Group
  • Michael Patton
  • Debby Raskin
  • Larry and Karisha Wagoner
  • Bill and Julie Watson
  • Jim and Sally Clark
  • William Fields
  • Scott and Lisa Garman
  • Terry and Kathy Grufik
  • Don and Sarah Jackson Family
  • Rodney and Kathie McDaniel
  • Anonymous
  • Stephen and Heather Pingry
  • Bob and Gail Porter
  • Taheerah Salim
  • Mary Jo Sartain
  • Pam and Lloyd St. Clair
  • Duane Whitsett
  • Rachel Zebrowski
  • Scott and Krystal Grizzle
  • Steve and Cynthia Townsend
  • Velez Family



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