Mayfest is an annual celebration of the Arts in Downtown Tulsa who strives to bring in the best local and non-local artists to it’s event. Space is limited, but we try to have the most talented artists in many mediums as we can. If you want to be one of those artists, here are some frequently asked questions about each way that artists participate in our event:

Mayfest Poster

The Annual Mayfest Poster is commissioned by the Festival Chairman each year, the year before the festival. There is not a contest, nor a way to submit to be the next poster artist. The poster Artist is always a local artist, or someone with local ties, and most of them have also participated in the invitational gallery.

Invitational Gallery

The Invitational Gallery is an indoor gallery featuring over 100 local artists. Each artist submits 1-2 pieces for display and sale in the gallery. This gallery is open during the daylight hours of the festival and in the evening for special groups. As the name implies, the artists displayed are invited to do so, and there is no formal submission process. The volunteers in charge of this gallery visit other shows and exhibits to meet new artists, but if you wish to introduce yourself to that committee, send an email with a little about yourself and some examples to and please put “Invitational Gallery Introduction” in the email. Due to timing and time commitments of our volunteers, we cannot guarantee a response or tell you how soon you may receive a response.

Artist Tents

Mayfest is primarily a juried art show. Applications are taken through “Zapplication” every year, and are judged by professionals who are involved in the arts. The artists are judged anonymously on their submitted art samples, without any identification of who the artist is, or where they are from. The highest scoring artists in each category are asked to show at Mayfest in a 10×10 outdoor tent. The artists who come are also judged again in person, and awards are given to the best artist in each medium, as well as best overall.

A small number of artists who have proven popular with the visitors of Mayfest come back in the “Market” area, and do not participate in jurying, but they are not eligible for awards.

Many artists come from out of state so applications are opened in the fall so they can be juried and contracts can go out as far in advance of the festival as possible. The most up-to-date information can be found at


Youth Art Gallery

Young Artists who are currently in K-12 are encouraged to submit art to the Youth Art Gallery. Each young artist can submit one piece of art, that has been completed during the current school year. These artworks are judged by grade category, 2-D and 3-D, with 30 artists recognized. Some cash prizes are awarded as well. Students submitting art work can be from public, private, charter or home school.

Submissions are taken in early May. Details can be found at